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About Clements & Eubanks

Our Roots in Chattanooga: A Legacy of Legal Excellence

Welcome to Clements Law Firm, where our story is as much about serving the Chattanooga community as it is about practicing law. Founded on the principles of faith, integrity, and compassion, we've been part of the city's fabric for over three decades. Our founder, Jay Clements, set the cornerstone of this firm with a simple yet powerful belief: legal guidance should be a source of relief, not stress.

In every corridor of our office, you'll find a culture that radiates warmth and understanding. It's a reflection of Jay's passion for estate planning and probate administration, infused with his 33 years of wisdom. Jay's approach has always been to make legal consultations as comforting and personable as a chat with an old friend.

Joining Jay in this mission is Terri Braswell Gilbert, a beacon of expertise with 34 years under her belt. Transitioning from bankruptcy law to focus on wills, trusts, and estate administration, Terri embodies our firm's spirit of continuous growth and adaptation. She finds joy in helping clients prepare for the future, turning complex legal processes into simple, stress-free experiences.

At Clements Law Firm, we believe that the best legal outcomes are achieved when clients feel supported and at ease. Our commitment to our Christian values guides us in every decision, every case, every interaction. We're more than just attorneys; we're advisors, confidants, and friends. So, step into our world where law meets empathy, where professionalism pairs with approachability, and where every client is treated like family. Welcome to stress-free legal guidance, the Clements way.

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