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Helping Clients With Wills, Trusts And Probate Matters

Wills tell your loved ones what you want to do with your possessions upon your death. A last will and testament can be very long and detailed or very short and specific. Many clients need only a short will that leaves everything to a spouse or children. While simple documents, these wills are critical to the orderly transition of affairs upon the death of a person.

A will also prevents family heartbreak and discord by providing for the distribution of the person’s property after his/her death. The will takes any guesswork out of what the deceased individual’s wishes may have been. The last will may also provide for a trust for the benefit of minor children or disabled adults. Trusts may take ownership of those specified assets in order to protect them from misuse or from depletion.

Clients ask daily why they need a will if they have a minimal estate. The answer can have several parts, but the main reason is to provide for the routine transfer of assets from the deceased to the beneficiary. Many folks still consider probate to be an evil process filled with pitfalls and expense. The reality is that the process is typically routine and expedient.

As part of our fee, we always recommend and include a health care power of attorney and a living will, to ensure your wishes are clearly specified. A living will removes the pressure of making difficult end-of-life decisions from your loved ones.

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