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Falls In Nursing Homes

If you have a loved one who has suffered a fall in a nursing home, talk with an experienced lawyer right away. While the fall could have been an accident, most accidents in nursing homes and other similar facilities are the result of some kind of dangerous condition or negligent care — both of which are the responsibility of the facility providing care.

At Clements Law Firm, you will find an attorney who not only has extensive experience and a track record for successful representation in all types of nursing home abuse and neglect cases, but who also truly cares about our firm’s clients and the outcomes of their cases. Attorney can provide you with sound legal counsel, aggressive litigation if needed and the personalized service you deserve. At Clements Law Firm, we represent clients throughout the area of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Causes Of Fall In Nursing Homes

Nursing home falls can be catastrophic for a resident. Because bones weaken and the ability to recover from injuries lessens with age, one seemingly harmless fall could cause serious problems. A simple fall that results in a small fracture could develop into serious infections and illnesses that could be ultimately fatal.

The causes for these falls are numerous, including:

  • Dangerous conditions: It is not uncommon for nursing homes to have unsafe and unkempt stairways, faulty grab rails in hallways and other walking areas, and other unsafe conditions. Although most of these situations arise from lack of resources to properly keep up a facility, the results are often catastrophic for nursing home residents who suffer serious injuries in falls.
  • Lack of training: Too many care providers in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other care facilities simply lack the training and experience needed to make sure residents stay safe and avoid serious falls.
  • Negligent care: Because many nursing homes are understaffed, nurses and other care providers are often working too fast. Helping a client walk from one place to the next, they can cut corners or not be as attentive as needed, allowing the resident to fall. Other instances involve simply not being there to help a resident walk when needed.

Regardless of the cause of a fall, we can help you determine the fault and fight to obtain compensation for injuries and losses suffered.

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