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Compensation For Injuries From Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents can involve serious injuries or even wrongful death in the most severe cases. This can be catastrophic, especially when it involves serious or fatal injuries to one of your children.

At Clements Law Firm, we represent clients throughout the area of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in all types of motor vehicle accident claims, including those that involve pedestrian and bike accident injury claims. At our firm, you will find an attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience and a strong commitment to working with you personally to get the results you need in your case.

Handling Your Insurance Company Negotiations

Do not wait to talk to a lawyer. If you have been hurt, the insurance company agent will most likely be contacting you very soon. They will make what seems like a generous offer to cover your medical costs and other damages. However, the insurance companies put a lot of resources into gauging the full value of accident claims, and they only make offers that will be well less than the total costs involved.

The insurance company will not make an offer that will come close to the full value of what your case is worth. Further, agreeing to a settlement offer from the insurance company also means that you cannot bring further legal action.

At Clements Law Firm, we know how to work with the insurance company to make sure you get a favorable settlement offer. If a good offer is not forthcoming, we will take your case to trial and make sure you obtain the best compensation award available.

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