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Strong Criminal Defense Representation In Tennessee

A real courtroom is not like what you see on Perry Mason, Matlock or Boston Legal. A criminal trial is not a TV show. It involves real people in real trouble. It takes much more than asking tricky questions of a witness. A criminal defense lawyer must also make sure that the client is afforded the protection of all their rights provided through the laws of the land and the constitution. From the arraignment, to the investigation and trial preparation, through the actual trial and possible plea bargains and appeals, a defense attorney’s experience is critical to the outcome of the case, no matter what the movie “My Cousin Vinny” might suggest.

And while our system of justice is set up to consider an accused person “innocent until proven guilty,” most defendants are often up against experienced, government-funded prosecutors and inexperienced jurors. Most accused people will benefit a great deal in mounting an adequate defense with help from an experienced defense lawyer. With nearly 30 years of trial experience, we take every case personally and fight for our clients’ constitutional rights. When constitutional rights are upheld, the result is more likely to be just.

We have handled defense of most crimes, both misdemeanor and felony. From DUI, drugs and shoplifting to grand theft, assault and murder, we have handled them all.

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