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Did the store owner handle your fall the right way?

While picking up an order from a Tennessee business a few days ago, you slipped and fell. The employees asked whether you hurt yourself before sending you on your way, but should the store owner do more?

Chron breaks down how business owners should handle customer injuries. While you wait to see if you experience delayed injuries that warrant further legal action, determine if the business handled the situation properly.

Study the site

Did the employees check the site where you fell to determine why you slipped? Unattended spills, unsecured cords and frayed carpeting all contribute to hazardous conditions that may lead to accidents. Remember, not every slipping hazard falls under the store’s responsibility. Business owners cannot control customers, employees, delivery persons and other individuals tracking snow or rain inside a shared commercial building.

Provide medical attention

Patrons who injure themselves immediately after falling should receive medical help. While waiting for the paramedics, employees may examine the injured party for bleeding, an obstructed airway and similar harm.

Create a report

Store employees, a manager or the owner should note your name, where and why you fell, whether you harmed yourself, eyewitness information and your contact information. The business owner or workers may take images of the fall site.

Seek legal representation

If neither the employees nor the store owner accepted blame for your fall, it may be because a legal representative told them not to. If you have any follow-up questions after the incident, you may have to speak with the store’s lawyer.

Lapses in judgment after a slip and fall may open the door to legal action. Protect yourself by understanding your rights and the business owner’s responsibility.