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Why you should seek medical help even after a minor crash

Let us say that on your way to work one morning, you are the victim of a distracted driver who rear-ends your car at an intersection. You sustain jangled nerves but otherwise feel fine.

Later in the day, you develop a headache and find it hard to concentrate on the work that comes across your desk. Should you see a doctor in Tennessee?

Results of impact

You may not understand how your body responds to the sudden impact of a car crash, even a minor one. The fact is, you could have a serious, underlying injury that does not appear right away. This is because the body reacts to the jolt of a collision by producing chemicals that, for the moment, hide pain and injury symptoms. Warning signs may take hours or even days to show up, but if you see a doctor promptly, you will get a diagnosis and a head start on any kind of required treatment.

The value of a medical report

Your state of health is certainly the primary concern in seeing a doctor as soon as possible, but in addition to providing a diagnosis and possible treatment plan, the doctor will write a report. This is important because it ties any injuries you may have directly to the collision. Keep in mind that insurance companies are stingy about paying claims. They want to keep as much money for their agencies as they can to the point that they try to lowball or even deny payment whenever possible. Therefore, when the time comes for you to file a claim for compensation with an insurance company, your attorney can use this report in negotiations.

Next steps

Call your attorney to report the collision, then make an appointment with your doctor or stop into an urgent-care facility on your way home from work. Once your attorney has the medical report in hand, you can expect a decision as to whether litigation or a settlement outside of court will be the best path to maximum compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering and more.