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Summer driving hazards and what to do about them

You may assume summer is not a dangerous time to drive, especially compared to winter. It may seem like summer is safer, but this is not necessarily true. The summer months bring various dangers to motorists. In fact, summer months are the most deadly times for drivers.

While summer may be a great time to relax, have fun and go on vacation, it is necessary to be aware of the hazards you face and what you can do to prevent accidents. Take the below information to heart so you can be safe this summer.

Tire blowouts

Warm weather can cause the air in tires to expand at a rapid pace. Even new tires can blowout when there is a heat wave. Check your tire pressure on a frequent basis to stop blowouts from occurring. Be ready with a spare tire so you can replace a tire after a blowout. Replace tires when you see excessive wear.

Out-of-town drivers

Many people decide to go on road trips during the summer. You may encounter a lot of tourists on the road who are not familiar with the local area. Keep an eye out for vacationers and keep your distance if it seems like a driver does not know what he or she is doing.

Teen drivers

When school gets out, the roads begin to fill with new drivers. Inexperienced teenagers can be dangerous behind the wheel, especially when they are also distracted by phones. Stay alert and practice your defensive driving techniques.

Construction zones

Summer is the season for construction. Construction zones can be congested and contain debris. Be careful and be sure to slow down when going through a construction area.


Many motorcyclists bring out their bikes to enjoy riding in the warm weather. It can be difficult to spot motorcycles, so make sure you check your blind spots and share the road with them.