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4 common motorcycle crashes that can cause serious injury

Perhaps the best thing about being an experienced motorcycle rider is that you truly understand how vulnerable you are. If you have ever been involved in an accident, you are doubly aware of the potentially catastrophic results.

There are many dicey situations you want to avoid any time you are out on your bike, but here are four of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

1. A vehicle that changes lanes

When you are riding in traffic, be aware of conditions that could trigger lane changing, such as a general slow-down. You may be in the blind spot of the car traveling next to you. Drop back a bit and find a position that makes you more visible.

2. A left turn in front of you

A car coming toward you either does not see you or misjudges your speed, then makes a left turn directly in front of you. This is a very common cause of car-motorcycle accidents. To avoid what could be a terrible crash, use the “sixth sense” you have developed as a motorcycle rider. Anticipate the problem and be prepared to take evasive action.

3. A car door opening

Never ride between a slow lane of traffic and a line of parked cars. Someone could swiftly open a car door just as you approach. You would have no option but to crash into it, and the resulting injuries could be devastating.

4. A direct hit from behind

Whenever you are stopped in traffic, be aware of what is happening behind you. A driver may be distracted. There may be fog and poor visibility, or other issues. If you are concerned about being hit from behind, maneuver your way in front of another vehicle so it can serve as a buffer for you.

The long-term outlook

If the unexpected happens and you end up in the hospital, you may be looking at a lengthy recovery and a growing pile of medical bills. Remember that you have the same rights as anyone else, and you deserve full and fair financial compensation. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and debilitating injuries can result, but staying alert and taking measures to avoid accidents will better your chances for a smooth, uneventful ride.