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How to handle the aftermath of a car accident

As inconvenient as it is to be involved in a car accident in the Chattanooga area, imagine the impact on your overall health and lifestyle if you do not handle the aftermath properly. Car accidents do not just damage vehicles, they can have a serious and long-lasting effect on your physical and mental health and lifestyle. They can mean the difference between being able to continue to support yourself and family and struggling to pay huge medical bills as well as living expenses.

You may want to minimize the event so you can move on with your life by rushing through things. Even if you know the right protocol to use, you may feel like cutting corners. However, the more effort you put into dealing with the aftermath, the more you can minimize its impact.

Assess yourself and passengers for trauma

Immediately after an accident, you should pay attention to how you feel emotionally and physically. Remain calm. If you have passengers, check them for injuries as well. Call the authorities. You should also consider having yourself examined by medical personnel who arrive at the scene. Some car accident injuries may not be as obvious because of the shock and chaos you may be experiencing from your ordeal. If further medical treatment is necessary, you should follow-up with the local emergency room or your primary doctor.

Take safety measures to prevent more accidents

Observe the accident scene. You should move your vehicle to a safer location if it is in the flow of traffic and you can. Even if you cannot move your car out of traffic, you should place hazards and flares around it as soon as it is safe for you to do so to alert other drivers of the incident so they will avoid it.

Get evidence from all parties

Establishing fault in car accidents is not always easy. You may want to get the names and contact information of all parties involved and witnesses. Take pictures of the scene from every angle with your smartphone. You can also use your smartphone or camera to take a picture of the other driver’s license(s) and insurance information. Do not forget to get information off both sides of insurance cards.

You cannot always predict how much a fender bender will affect you. You may feel fine after being involved in one. But, it is important for you to take steps to protect your rights and interests if it becomes necessary for you to file a claim for compensation.