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Dos and Don’ts After A Traffic Accident

According to statistics from Tennessee’s Department of Homeland Security, during 2015 alone, police officers throughout the state responded to more than 197,000 traffic accidents. In total, these accidents resulted in the fatalities of 916 and serious injury of more than 48,000 individuals.

As these numbers prove, unfortunately, traffic accidents are quite common in Tennessee. For individuals who suffer injury and loss due to a traffic accident, compensation and damages may be recovered.

In the wake of a traffic accident, it’s normal to feel panicked and overwhelmed. With emotions and adrenaline running high, many drivers make mistakes that can end up having serious and costly consequences. It’s important, therefore, that drivers understand what they should and should not do after a traffic accident.

Traffic Accident Dos

  • Do check on all involved drivers and passengers for injuries
  • Do report the accident
  • Do exchange information with any other involved drivers
  • Do talk to and get statements from any eyewitnesses
  • Do provide an accurate account of the accident to the police
  • Do take photos of the accident scene
  • Do report the accident to your insurance company
  • Do see the doctor

Traffic Accident Don’ts

  • Don’t flee the accident scene
  • Don’t accuse other drivers of or admit to any wrongdoing
  • Don’t lie to the police or your insurance company
  • Don’t call your insurance company before reviewing and ensuring you understand the terms of your policy
  • Don’t provide a recorded statement to your insurance company without consulting an attorney
  • Don’t stop following your doctor’s recommended treatment plan
  • Don’t accept an early settlement before consulting with an attorney